To Get Rid of Razor Burn

My father and brothers have tried using different razor blades in shaving their beards but still has not found the best one to use. With the latest razor blades and cream that they used, still they are suffering from razor burn. I do not have any idea of how painful it is, but by looking at their faces I can tell that the pain is not easy. Sometimes I think I am lucky I am not a guy or else I will experience the pain they felt from razor burn. I was looking through the razors, and it is not in good quality and the creams are not good for their type of skin.

Seeing the razor burn on their faces after shaving makes me sad. I wanted to help them that is why I am looking and searching for ways on how to get rid of razor burn. It is really important to know the ways to prevent razor burn and at the same time knowing on what should be the right thing to do in shaving. It would be best to see them smiling after shaving and free from razor burn. Now that they know the right ways in shaving, I am pretty sure they can now gets rid of razor burn for life.

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    hi genny
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  2. by Pinx, on September 11 2011 @ 7:12 am


    haaay…walang kamatayang razor burns… hehehe…

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