Playing Hide and Seek

I do not know what is wrong with my blogs lately because some of my posts are gone. I felt sad because I do not have a copy of my posts. Double the headache this morning for me. My blogs was so fine yesterday and last night after doing my update. But when I wake up and check it this morning four posts from my three blogs are gone. I did restart my computer many times and still it doesn’t shoe up. I guess something is wrong with my server so I logged out. Later this afternoon I am glad that my posts showed up. I felt relieve because I do not have to worry about where did my posts went. I am happy in shutting down my computer because all are fine.

Early this evening, I log in to update my blogs and I was so surprised because my posts are gone again. Oh gosh, my posts are playing hide and seek I guess. Only show up when they wanted to.arghs! Up to this time my posts are still missing especially to my new blog. It is so strange because my friends can see it except me. My new blog do not like me maybe. Please, please stop playing hide and seek and come back t