He did it again

Few days ago my brother always told me that he will be leaving the house and live in a boarding house. I was not surprise because he did this before. I did not questioned him because it is his choice. All I asked from him is to tell our father his plans, what he wants and where he would stay. Because the last time he did not bother to tell us where he went and one day just came back. He doesn’t show some respect to us especially to our father. I never missed to remind him to tell father of his plan of moving out of the house. I thought he heard me clearly and that I hope he would tell father and have some respect to say his plans.

Yesterday morning, we went to church except him. We were surprised because he is gone after we get home from church. I checked his closet and saw only those old clothes he is no longer wearing. We felt sad, anger and upset because he did not again the first time he left the house. How could he do this to our father? I am so disappointed of him and in my mind I want to hit him hard. I know why he is acting this way and I hated it. No matter how much we tried to talk to him, still he did not want to listen. One thing that makes me sad is that my father and brothers said he cannot go back and when he needed some help one day, he will never receive any help from us.

Even if I am angry, I still wish him the best in life and I wish he will never regret it.