I Am In Love!

This is what I said to someone who always asked me if I ever felt in love. A very common question for me to answer. And same as before my answer is, “Yes, I am in Love”. I am in love with my life, my family, the blessings I have received, my work and especially to God. There are so many reasons for me to felt in love. Seldom noticed by many because they are focus only on one thing. If we are to look around, we will see those things that we neglect to appreciate.

Each day is a blessing for me and I never failed to thanks God each day I wake up and see the sun shines again. No matter how big or small is that blessing, I can tell that I have the same level of appreciating it. There are ups and down in life and those are parts of life. Part of life that we can get strength, inspiration and energy to go on. Life is too short, so enjoy, appreciate and love every bit of it.

If I were to ask you, are you in love? God bless everyone!


  1. by sie, on August 18 2011 @ 12:34 am


    I agree Genny..life is so short so we might as well learn to be happy and love the life that has been given to us 🙂

    have a blessed morning Genny 🙂

  2. by Pinx, on August 18 2011 @ 6:46 am


    same here Gen, I am so in love!!! with my boys!!!! hehehe… i have a 40 yr man, a 4 yr old son and a month old baby…my boys!!! i am very much in love with them… in fact, daku kaayo ang pimple sa ako face because i am totally in love with my boys! hahahaha! happy that your happy Gen! see you soon!

  3. by Mona, on August 19 2011 @ 1:36 pm


    very well said =) Finally madam ok na yon blog ko =)

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