Five more months

It seems like it was yesterday when my sister gave birth to her first baby. Now the baby is seven months old. We have seen him growing so fast and seen the development every day. And also the baby can no perform the ‘close open’ fingers. Five more months and this baby will celebrate his first birthday. Call me an excited aunt because I am excited and counting the days, hours, minutes, seconds and the like till the big event. I say big event because my nephew’s birthday falls on Christmas day.

To others five months is still far to think about what to do on his first birthday and the budgeting. But to my sister it’s not since times flies so fast nowadays. That is why as early as this my sister wants to plan everything for her son’s big day. She wants it a simple and memorable birthday for her son. As usual, yours truly is always there to give my help, support and assistance. As I am an excited aunt, I want to be a part of the preparation. I just wish that my suggestion and presence is of a big help. Doing the preparation is never easy, so I am trying my best to help my sister.

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  1. by sie, on August 1 2011 @ 8:50 am


    hello Genny..true..time has been so kids are growing na din..your nephew is so lucky to have an aunt like you..treating him like his own second mother 🙂

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