Cancelled Date

The last time we saw each other was two months ago when she gave birth to her first baby. She has been the hands on mother for two months already. We just exchanging messages online since time won’t let us see each other. She is busy and so am I. I was surprised last night after see message me saying can we meet at the mall today. I immediately said yes to her because I missed seeing my best friend and also wanted to see her baby. All is set and agreed us by where, when and what time we going to meet. We call it a date.

I woke up with the smile on my face because I am so excited to see her and the baby. My excitement mood was change after hearing that my nephew has fever.arghs! I won’t be able to come and meet my friend with the condition of my nephew. I went online to message my friend that I have to cancel the date. Good thing is that she also online and waiting for me to come online. I was about to tell her when she message me first that she can’t go because her in-laws are visiting her and the baby. I said, thanks God after reading her message. Indeed expect the unexpected. We both cancelled our date and promised to set it some other time.