Battery for my cellphone

My cell phone was the first thing that I have that I can call my own because I got it from the money that I have saved from joining networking business. I did not last that long and that makes this cell phone so precious to me. It is my remembrance of my earning doing networking business. It has been in my position for almost three years when the battery is in trouble. I cannot use it anymore because the battery is bloated and I am afraid that it will explode in my hand if I still use it. My phone is in good condition except for the battery.

I am planning to buy a new battery for my phone because phone nowadays has become a part of our daily lives. We can be contacted wherever we are if we have a cell phone. And this will be my next project for the next blessings that will get it my way. I am planning to buy an expensive battery for my cell phone so that it will last longer. I have seen cheap ones but I doubt if it will last in a year. So, I will go for an expensive one and last for years. I pray to God that this project will become a successful one same with my other projects.:-)


  1. by Pinx, on July 31 2011 @ 4:48 am


    cellphone na lang palita gen if mo-buy man gani ka expensive battery. or adto jud ka sa cellphone store palit, like kung nokia imo fone, adto jud buy sa nokia. wala lang, just a thought…bisita ko dri.

  2. by sie, on July 31 2011 @ 5:42 am


    true Genny..much money will be wasted if you buy cheaper brands but in the end it always needs replacement..just make sure the price is worth it 🙂

    have a blessed Sunday 🙂

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