How does it feel?

Back when I was still in college most of my classmates are from the province. They just live in the boarding house or in the apartment because their province is far. I am amazed because aside from living alone in the boarding house/apartment, they are also far from their family. They not only battling the subjects at school but also battling the loneliness and sadness because they missed their family and love ones. I never imagined myself living alone because I am close to my family. I am fortunate enough that I live in the city.

I do not have any idea of how does it feel to live alone and far from my family. I know it is very hard especially when we are sick and no one will be there to take good care of us. Being sick is the thing that is very difficult for our body is weak and helpless. Thinking about it makes me sick but so I never tried it even before.

Right now, I feel the need to be away from my family for a while. I just think of living far from them for once. I guess I need some space to breath and being myself for the first time. I am still searching for the best place to stay and very convenient for me. I will for sure miss them but I am doing this for myself and for them. It is for me to test the feeling of living alone.

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  1. by sie, on July 25 2011 @ 8:28 am


    hello’ll be fine..I am an only child and it was so hard for me to adjust when I worked here.I was a bank teller before and it was my first time to be in Manila.It was no hard though adjusting to being alone because as an only child with busy parents I grew up to be independent..we have no yaya so I am hands on household chores..

    what made it hard for me is when I am sick..I need someone to comfort me but there was no one to be there for you..

    I am alone now with my kids and until now I am dealing with loneliness..but Genny sometimes we need it..why? made me a stronger look at life positively..just always have a Can Do attitude ok 🙂

    *hugs hugs*

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