Too much love will kill you

The title sounds familiar right? Yes, it is so familiar because this is a title of the famous song. I used this as a title of my post tonight because of the news I have seen on television few days ago and today. The news I saw was about what love can do to someone who is angry and desperate. I can’t believe that a person can kill someone they love so much. Jealousy indeed will make a person do things they wished shouldn’t do. I can say that they have regrets but it is useless because they cannot get back the life they taken.

It is very true that true love will kill you because others do lose their mind because of jealousy. Many say that being jealous is not bad because it only means that the person loves you dearly. But is it still considered love to kill someone? Love is the greatest gift from God to all of us. He died because of love to us. I do not seemed to understand why people can kill someone they love. Act of selfishness I must say, and it is so sad. I wish people will reflect first before doing things that they would regret in the end. Because the true essence of love is to sacrifice and to set them free to find their happiness not to choke them from the relationship which will never work out.

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  1. by sie, on July 20 2011 @ 7:40 am


    Genny nice one..jealousy is normal naman because it shows you not wanting to let someone be with another woman because you love him..but syempre jealousy have it’s don’t have to spy or track everything on every minute..

    True love involves TRUST and too much jealousy is not good in any relationship even on friendship because it shows treating someone a Possession and not a Partner 🙂

    *hugs hugs*

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