Singing Happy Birthday

Each day, I always sings happy birthday to my nephew. My nephew just listens to me every time I sing. He will be turning two next week. Times really flies so fast, I can’t believe that the baby that I babysit is now turning two years old. It tells only one thing, I am growing This morning I am surprised because I heard him singing happy birthday to himself. Though the lyrics are not clear I know it is happy birthday because he is mentioning his name and he can pronounce the last syllable of the birthday word which is the ‘day’. It is so cute hearing him singing for himself. He doesn’t have any idea at all that it will be his big day that we are going to celebrate. Not planning for a birthday party though, just a simple dinner with the whole family. I wish to give him even a simple birthday party for him to have fun with his friends but I cannot for now. I can make it up next time I pray. Happy birthday my dearest nephew, wish you all the best and good health always.


  1. by sie, on July 14 2011 @ 12:51 am


    yehey..happy happy birthday..pakiss po kay little boy..mwahhhhhh :)..ganyan talaga sis..ako din my 2 kids are growing I’ll be 35 na next week pero mukhang 26 lang ako hahaha..naka mahangin hahaha..morning sis 🙂

  2. by Mona, on July 17 2011 @ 3:34 am


    Yey, happy birthday to your little nephew simple celebration with family is good thing na rin si Kyla ganyan lang din mag celebrate eh 🙂 Miss you too 🙂

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