Busy cleaning

It’s been three days since the flash floods washed out properties and killed residents in some areas here in the city where I live. I have seen the damaged of flash floods in the news. I didn’t see it personally since my place is not that close to the affected areas. Today, when I went to the city I passed by on the affected areas. Their situation is very bad; some are still trying to locate their things, and trying to find things that are still usable. The victims are busy cleaning their things, and the place where their house is used to be standing. It is good to see that despite what had happened they can now manage to smile and have the courage to go on with life. They are trying to build again their home sweet home in the safe areas. As they are busy cleaning, they are smiling and full of life. This is a good attitude to have for a victim.


  1. by sie, on July 4 2011 @ 2:46 am


    been there Genny..our city was devastated with the July 16 earthquake before..grabe talaga but that’s what we Filipinos are proud of..smiling amidst our adversities in life..I guess we are just born to be always fighters..standing up again ad again and never goes tired of hoping and reaching for our goals in life..Filipinos are born to be always hopefuls with a smile..magandang umaga Genny 🙂

  2. by Genny, on July 4 2011 @ 4:59 am


    thanks for the nice comment SIE..:-)

  3. by Mona, on July 5 2011 @ 8:54 am


    Sorry madam i heard the news in Tv patrol pero hindi man lang kita nakumusta wala talaga time masyado online. Buti n lang hindi naman kayo affected dyan, pero sana ok na mga affected areas.

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