Second Chance of Life

One reason that I do not want to watch news on television is to see people are dying because of accident. It makes me feel sad because their life are wasted because of others carelessness. But today I did watched after hearing my sister’s story that she saw a road accident on her way home from work. The truck loss the break that caused the accidents because the driver cannot control it because the position of the truck is came from elevated road. The truck dragged the taxi cab, a public vehicle and bump in front of the bus.

The rescue brought the victims to the nearest hospital except for the lady who is dead on the spot. Looking at the taxi cab and the public vehicle, you wouldn’t think that there are lots of survivors. The conditions of the drives are worse but they are stable now. This is their second chance of life that God has given to them and to those other victims. God has plans for them that are why they have given another chance of life. It is a blessing indeed and I wish they take this advantage to go good and better in life.

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  1. by sie, on June 29 2011 @ 7:41 am


    it happened to me several times na Ms.Genny..ewan madalas nababangga yung taxi sisakyan ko and honestly I am not afraid to die na po because I had heart attacks often but what fears me is leaving my 2 kids kaya kinakaya kahit single mom..we don’t know what will happen the next day kaya everyday I give my best in evrything before it’s too late..magandang hapon Ms.Genny 🙂

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