Unexpected Expenses

I planned to treat myself this weekend, to have some time for myself and to unwind from tiring job at home. All was fixed until unexpected expenses knocking on our door. I felt sad and guilty because that expense is very important. I cannot go out and spend when I know in my heart my family needed financial help. How can I go now and unwind? It is really hard and I am torn, really torn right now. I am still thinking of going to mall tomorrow or just give the money for my family to who badly needed it.

I do not understand why this thing happened every time I plan to go out and unwind. My family expenses always interfere when I do plan to pamper myself. I have accepted it that this is part of my life, to help my family as much as I could. I pray to God that He will give me more strength and energy always.

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  1. by J-mie, on June 25 2011 @ 8:43 am


    These things happen because the Lord knows that you are strong enough to withstand these trials. Just continue holding on to God and you will be surprise of the overflow of blessings he promised you. 🙂

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