Blaming it to the child

A child is always a blessing to the family. It is a gift from God to the couple to complete the family. There is lots of sacrifice especially the mother who carried the baby inside her womb for nine months. To give birth is never easy because the life of the mother is at stake. But because of the kind of love that the mother has, he takes the pain and gives all her best to give birth.

Just recently, my sister shared to me about the story of her student. She was raised up by her grandmother because her mother died after giving birth and her father got angry of her. Her father is blaming her for the death of her mother because her mother died on the day she was born. Poor little child I must say. Good thing is she has her grandmother who gives the love and support she needed. Makes me think, God never leaves us empty handed. If someone leaves us, He always gives us someone who will comfort and love us.

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  1. by Pinx, on June 23 2011 @ 4:32 am


    so true gen… it’s like saying when a door of opportunity closes, God opens a window.

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