Happy Father’s Day

Today, the whole world is celebrating father’s day. The days were the whole world is giving recognition to all the fathers out there for the job well done. It is that day where children of the world saying thank you to their one and only father who have raise them and give them decent life. Though not all are fortunate enough to have a father who gives them the kind of life they are dreaming of, but the thought of the sacrifices their father is going through is more than enough to give those hugs and love on their very special day.

In the past weeks, my family is not in good terms because of some issues. I am happy that we are better now and trying to understand each other especially my father who is a bit old and lost temper sometimes. On this father’s day, we greeted my father a very happy father’s day and say thank you for raising us with values and respects. Happy father’s day father and God bless you more.