It’s Over!

The painful part in the relationship is when the other party says it’s over. It is never easy because of the emotions and the feelings that the couple are sharing will go nowhere. With all the hopes and the long waiting the other party says bye. When the couple has lost their communication, the relationship will definitely fall down.

She’s been hurt many times but still hoping that one day they will end up to be together forever. Giving up is not on her vocabulary because she is the kind of person that will wait until the guy will say goodbye and it’s over. After a month of being in a silent communication, the guy finally bid goodbye. Another painful experience for her and another tears to shed. Although she is preparing herself for this to happen, still she is hurting. I know she is strong and she will be able to overcome this pain one day. I wish that after the sad experiences, she will finally say it’s over of being in pain and start a happy beginning.

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  1. by joy, on June 18 2011 @ 6:25 am


    to end a relationship is really a very painful experience but time will slowly heals the hurt and we’ll be able to move on and hopefully love again.

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