Picking up the pieces

After the storm, there is indeed a rainbow coming over me and show me the bright light of a better and happy tomorrow. Enough of being sad and mourning over things that won’t comes back. Heads up and move forward is what I am doing right now. Picking up the pieces of me that has been scattered for days. It is time to embrace the beauty of life no matter how sad it is. Tears are part of life and will for sure helps us to become stronger and wiser person. In life, we sometimes have to be broken for us to be whole again and continue fighting of the difficulties in life. Living in this world isn’t easy I must say, because there are lots of people who will hurt us to pull us down. I am there and I am sorry to tell you that you’re not going to succeed.

The tears that I have shed will be my strength to move on with life. I will for sure patch these pieces of me and start my journey again until the day I am able to say I succeed.:-)