Why and Why?

I have encountered many challenges in life since childhood. I am able to face it with the help of my brothers and sister. They are my wings and strength to go on with life. My mother passed away when I was nine, since then we promise to help each other through thick and thin. We are able to overcome because we do share a thing that bothers us.

Now that we are older and some have families of their own, I feel so lonely and alone. There are lots of things that bother me right now and I needed an outlet to let it out. I am shy to share it to them for some reasons. There are lots of why’s that are running in my head for the past days and until now still searching for answers. Even though I am smiling, deep inside I am crying out loud. My friend told me to go out, unwind and refresh myself because it helps a lot to lighten the burden. She is the only person I have talked to and shared some things that are happening in my life right now. I hope that she wont get satiate in listening to my miseries and can still offers her shoulders to cry on. I can feel she understand me more now than my brothers since my sister is busy in her own family. God give me the strength to go on finding the answers to the entire why’s that bothers me.



  1. by ladyguinevere, on June 12 2011 @ 9:51 am


    just dont stop looking for the answer and dont limit yourself in the four corners in your house. Go out and chill out, meet new friends and get yourself busy in the life outside of your shell. Its not good to just stay where you are. Hang out friend and you’ll see.

  2. by J-mie, on June 13 2011 @ 4:58 am


    When things are too difficult, know how to be still and take a rest. You may stop working, but that doesn’t mean quitting. You may back out for a while to see the situation more clearly then go back with a fresher mind and stronger heart to finish your race.

    Things will be better soon. 🙂 God bless you!

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