Thanks for the smiles

My mind is so full that wants to explode any minute. I can’t think straight and I can’t make my work done on time. Seems like what I did is wrong and making it right is very hard to do. I am glad that I have a friend who is always there for me to cheer me up. I really needed someone to talk to before I’m going crazy. She lights up my day and brings smiles on my face. For a moment I forgot the things that bothers me and it lightens the load I have in my mind. It is really good to have a friend who understand you and comfort you when you needed them. Thanks a lot my friend for the smiles, you never fail to give me smiles and your love. Though we do not have the same thinking sometimes still we managed to understand each other. I must say we are opposite, but that difference makes our friendship last for a decade and still counting. Thanks God for giving me a nice and caring friend like you. You know who you are…. Thanks a lot. Friends Forever.:-)


  1. by ladyguinevere, on June 9 2011 @ 4:20 pm


    i want to cry.. gosh.. i am so touched of what you said her. But really kadamay mo ako kahit ano pa yan.. Basta sulti lang og share lang para dili kaayo bug at diha sa dughan nimo.. ok

  2. by Genny, on June 10 2011 @ 3:47 am


    thanks very much Ads..:-)

  3. by Pinx, on June 10 2011 @ 6:43 am


    friends are always a shoulder to cry on gen… you’ll be fine…i know..

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