Rainy Season is Here

Summer is gone and here comes the rainy season. It’s been days now that rain is pouring here in the city where I live. I didn’t wonder because here in my country rainy season is here. The only thing that is so strange is that it is still hot even though it is raining. It’s like raining in the summer season. Bad thing is that my umbrella is broken. My niece took it from my bag and go out in the rain. I thought they were just playing in the living room. When my other niece cried I look for them and see them outside with my umbrella. They were fighting who will handle the umbrella. It’s like playing tag of war. In the end, my umbrella suffers.arghs!

I guess I need to buy new umbrella especially this rainy season. Weather is unpredictable that is why I always bring my umbrella with me. I am so angry but I cannot do anything about it. Hitting them is useless because my umbrella is still broken. Buying new umbrella is not good because I am in a tight budget but I have to do it for it is very important during this season. I swear I will keep my new umbrella in a safe place. Place where my nieces won’t see it.

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  1. by PInx, on June 1 2011 @ 7:16 am


    kawawang umbrella… hehehe… buy a new one oi… it’s a necessity! barato lang man na…

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