It Really Helps

Every time I feel sad, lonely, and bothered, I do listened to my favorites music to help me motivate and understand more about life. Music’s are the harmony of my bothered mind and heart. It really helps me to think straight because it makes me more relax. Thanks for the music because it is really inspires me to move forward.

My mind has been scattered for a while because of the bad storm that hits me. Broke my senses and concentration. I do not know why I let these things happen. No matter how much I wanted to go out I cannot because I was trapped. Feels like nowhere to run but I remember that music’s really makes me feel so relax and calm. I just listened to my favorite music and close my eyes to free my mind from those stressful experiences. I am so happy that I am okay now and feeling alive again. Bad storm caught me unaware and really messing up with my life. For you who did this to me, I am okay now and will proved you that you can’t make my life miserable.