Reading Skills

In two weeks time my nieces will be going back to school but in different school. New environment for them but good thing is they are enrolled in a school where my sister teaches. Because of financial problems they will no longer be in a private school. Their parents are just being practical because times are really hard nowadays. Today, they are finally enrolled in the new school with the help of my sister (their aunt). Part of the rules as a transferee and in first grade is to test if the student can read. It is important for them to recognized letters so that not difficult for a teacher to start the teaching class. I am so happy that my nieces can recognize letters and can read even slowly. They are now ready for school and I must say they are excited. I am proud of them having the skills in reading because it is an advantage for a kid to know how to read. Thanks to their previous school and to my sister who is a teacher who give her time to teach them how to read.