40.6 Fever

If there is one thing that I do not want to happen to my nieces and nephew is to get sick. I have three kids to attend to and it would be very hard for me if any one of them get sick. I was doing my laundry when my father is calling my attention that my six years old niece has a fever. I stopped my laundry for a while gets medicine for my niece to take. I feel relieve when she feels a little better after taking the medicine.

My niece is sleeping when I checked her temperature. I was shocked because her temperature reaches to 40.6. Too high and she is shaking. I immediately put cool patch on her forehead, have her take paracetamol and get ice bag for her heat to cool down. I am checking her temperature from time to time to know if there is any improvement. It is very stressful day for me today. I pray that my niece will get better after the medication and her temperature will go down and back to normal.