Big Brown Butterfly

I have grown up with a thinking that a big brown butterfly is the spirits of our love ones who had passed away. Even my grannies told me that and heard also from oldies. I have seen also that same butterfly many times already in a wake and in burial. That made me believed that this is really true. And so, when I saw that kind of butterfly visited in our house I always think it is my mother visited. She got very sick and died early that she did not able to take care of us that long.

Today is mother’s day and tomorrow is my mother’s birthday. We were supposed to visit her this afternoon but did not able because the weather changed from sunny to rainy day. We decided to cancel it and will do the visit hopefully tomorrow.

Later this afternoon while we were watching television show, there was a big brown butterfly just came in and flying around our house. We thought it is our mother visited us. Whether it is just superstitious belief, I still believed that it was my mother and I greeted her happy mother’s day and happy birthday. The butterfly lasted for just ten minutes. In my heart I said bye and thanks for the visit mother. We will visit you tomorrow. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart. I love you and I miss you much!:-)