Free Anti-Rabies Vaccination

Because of several cases about people who were died because of rabies due to biting by a dog, our city government conducting a free anti-rabies vaccination for dogs. Not all dog owners can afford to have their pets to have vaccination because it is a bit expensive. That is why free vaccination is being held for our protection just in case a dog will bite us. It is a good opportunity to all dog owners.

Early this morning, someone is knocking our door letting us know that there will be a free anti-rabies vaccination here in our village. A rare opportunity that is why I won’t let it slipped away. As a responsible dog owner, I have to bring my dog there to have his first vaccination. Bringing my dog at the center is too difficult for me because I am like playing tug of war. Yes, my dog is a bit heavy and very strong. He can easily pull and escape from me if I don’t use both my hands to hold the chain. Luckily I manage to bring my dog at the center and have his first vaccination ever. We are happy now because we are sure that my dog is safe if ever he got carried away from playing.:-)

Thanks very much to our city government for this.