Smiles A Lot

My sister’s son is now four months old. I can see his development each day. Among the kids that I take good care of, this son of my sister is different. He makes me so happy because he smiles a lot. He even responds if you are talking to him. Very jolly little one that the family so loves to see each day. I must say that this baby doesn’t know how to frown. It is very true indeed that when the mother is so happy while the baby is inside her womb, that baby will be a happy baby. This little angel is so love by his parents especially his mother. His mother that is so caring since the first time she knew she was expecting.

Babies do really bring smiles and happiness inside the family. Babies are like icing on the cake. Having a baby is more than a blessing that each couple should be thankful for to God. Whether it is out of wedlock still they are a blessing because not all are given the chance to conceive a baby. And so, parents should treasure the moment, embrace this blessing and love this blessing with all your heart.


  1. by Hyanne, on May 7 2011 @ 2:14 pm


    Babies are really a blessing I wonder why other mother kill their own child 🙂 Glad you enjoy to alaga your nephew sis, ay kailan naman yong sau? Kung magtanong ako eh parang ako ba eh meron din..hehe

  2. by Genny, on May 8 2011 @ 8:17 am


    mauna na kau ni pokie bear mo sis.. susunod ako hanap muna pokie bear ko din.weeeeee

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