Bonding with my Brothers

It has been awhile since we have a brothers and sister bonding. They are busy with their life and I am also with my blogging things. I have missed the time when we were watching DVD films in the house. We are not fond of going to theater because we are not comfortable. We liked to watch action, comedy and thriller films. We talked, laughed and having fun while watching our favorites movies.

Tonight we decided to watch a movie and so my brother borrowed a CD from his friends. They are drinking while watching and me busy eating since I do not drink. I make myself busy watching and eating. Makes me hard to lose weight because I do love to eat. We used to watch with my father and my older sister. My sister is married and moves out of the house. I missed her so much even if she lives near to us. She is my one and only sister that I used to share my problems. It is a good feeling that we do this bonding because lately we have a little problem and we argue a lot. Even though, we still end up friends and ends with a smile.