No Clinic Today

My three months old nephew is not feeling well since yesterday that is why my sister decided to have him checked today. We woke up early this morning because we want to be at the pediatrician’s clinic early so that we can go home early as well. From a distance enough to read what was written on the clinic’s gate, we saw the noticed that says, No Clinic Today, Resume on Monday’. We feel sad because going to his pediatrician’s clinic took us an 30 minutes to get there plus we have to walk a little to get to the clinic. We do not want our day would not be fruitful because my nephew needs to be checked.

We decided to go to other pediatrician to have my nephew’s check up. We are glad that there is a clinic that is open 100 steps away from the other clinic. Our day is not that bad at all because my nephew have been checked up. The pediatrician also gave us a free sample of medicine for my nephew plus it is not the fee is not that expensive. We feel relieved because my nephew is fine and okay.