House to House Free Vaccine

Today is the schedule of house-to-house vaccine here in our village. It is a vaccine for measles protection and it is for free. No reason to say no because the city government intended to do it house-to-house. Their mission to help those people especially the less fortunate ones who do not have money to bring their kids to the pediatrician for vaccination. Volunteers are doing it on behalf of those government officials.

Though my sister-in-law says no because she is afraid that her son will have a fever after the injection, I still allow those volunteers to have measles vaccination for my nephew. They are so busy at work and no time to bring their son to the pediatrician or center for vaccination. I do not understand them; sometimes I am tease to ask them why but hesitant because she is still the mother. I do care for my nephew a lot and so I did not follow what is my sister-in-law’s no to I did tell her when they got home from work early this evening. I can see it on her face that she doesn’t like what I did, I just look at her and at the back of my mind I said I do not care. I did it for her son’s sake and nothing harm is being done. I so wish that they are thankful for what I did. I only want what is best for my nephew.

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  1. by Kayleigh Sozio, on April 14 2011 @ 11:29 pm


    Regards for helping out, fantastic information.

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