Fuel Subsidy

Today is a big shocking to all Filipino people because of another oil price hike. It is so sad to know because this is another burden to the people especially to those drivers who are driving a public utility vehicle. They are now asking for another fare increase for them to cope up with the oil price hike. Almost all commodities are increasing and the salary of the employees remains the same. This increase will really affect all people’s budget.

Though this increase is a big burden to people, it is good thing that farmers have given fuel subsidy. It is good news for them because they do not have enough funding to continue their work in the farm and to buy those fertilizers they needed. Plus farmers are using trucks and other machines that use oil. Fuel subsidy is a big help to those farmers. Oil price hike is bad news to people but fuel subsidy is good news to farmers. Farmers played the big part because they do plant fruits, vegetables and rice grains, and so fuel subsidy is good news to them.