General Cleaning

It’s Sunday here and it is the day that the whole family is in the house. We also call it our family day. The usual things that we do during our family day, is having some karaoke in the house, eating, watching movies and sharing jokes that we all laughed. Although we do not have a good singing voice, still we sing because it is the thing that the whole family loved to do a lot. I grow up hearing my mother and father singing for us. The love of music we have right now is all because of them.

But today, our family-bonding day is different. After church and breakfast, my eldest brother told us that we do general cleaning of our house. The house needs to be clean because there are lots of cobwebs, dust and things that we needed to throw. When there are kids around the house, expect that the house is so messy. That is what happening in our house. They have put their toys in different bags, cut papers and put it inside the bags, and many others. Even my shoes are not in the proper place. Well, they like to wear my shoes. I remember myself doing the same when I was there They are really reminds me of my younger days.

I must say it is a very tiring bonding we did today but fulfilling and makes me happy because it is another fruitful day for me. Now the house is clean, looking forward for another mess cause by little gremlins (my nieces).lol



  1. by mel cole, on April 4 2011 @ 5:58 am


    Good for you sis you are general cleaning. Me not yet though our house needs it too.

  2. by gagay, on April 5 2011 @ 9:36 am


    angsipag naman! LOL! napadaan lang po!

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