Fare Increase

As we all know, we have been experiencing this oil price hike. Due to war in some part of the world, crisis is going up. One crisis that is a big impact to all of us is the unstoppable increasing of oil. Oil Company does not have any choice but to increase it also and it affects those whose bread and butter is driving public vehicle. Drivers do not have choice but to increase also the fare.
Here in the country where I live where people are used to riding public vehicle in going to school, work, and to other places they want to go. It is a big burden to all people who are commuting in public vehicle and that include me. People are blaming those who are in the position who promised when they are still running for any position in the government. One week from now drivers will be conducting a rally to stop this fare increase. There are several rallies that happened before but nothing happens because still the fare increases. I hope and pray that rumored rally will not be fallen into deaf ears. Prayer is the only weapon we have right now in battling this challenges and trials in life. Let’s pray and keep the faith.


  1. by Mona, on March 25 2011 @ 3:19 pm


    asa kapa lahat pataas tayo n lang ata hindi tumataas, lol! New blog?

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