Thankful Thursday: Rosary

To recieved a present is awesome and even more awesome if it is a surprise present. Yes, you are right a friend of mine give a very nice surprise present. I did not expect it. She just came into our house looking for me and taraaaaaaaaaan give me this one.
This is my friend’s cousin. He is just ordained priest. After his ordination, he is giving away this present to his friends, family and relatives. I am so thankful to my friend for giving me this. Indeed this is a priceless present and a wonderful surprise I have ever recieved. I must be very special to my friend to give me this. Sad to say my sister did like it. I give it to her and she gave hers to me. We exchange rosary.wink!
This is what I am thankful for this week. Wanna share thankful stories?


  1. by kat, on March 17 2011 @ 3:02 pm


    oi ka nice sa imo gift Gen…for protection jud.

    anyway TY sa visit.

    Asa diay tuod ka diri sa Davao? hahaha

  2. by Anne, on March 18 2011 @ 1:52 am


    Na nabuang na kalimot man ko sa thankful thursday oi wahhh

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