I have heard so many cases of men infected by hernia disease.  So intriguing to me knowing that mostly this occurs to guys only.  I have a bit knowledge about the reason of this disease but still I want to dig more about it  because of my brothers and father.  I am so concerned about them especially to my brother because his work is lifting too heavy sack of slippers and shoes in the company he is working.  Prevention is better than cure that is why I am doing the research to be aware of the causes of hernia. 
While I am reading about hernia in the internet, I was surprised because women can be infected by hernia disease too.  There are several kinds of hernia for men and women.  Shocking but it is true.  Though hernia is very rare to women still no one is exempted.  It scares me a lot but I am glad I did  some research because it makes me more aware.  Because of what I did, I am more aware of the symptoms.  If ever I have noticed something is not normal in my body and to my family, I know when to go to the doctor. 

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  1. by ladymishel, on March 13 2011 @ 3:27 pm


    my husband had hernia by birth. In 2008 he underwent an operation and I was thankful that it went well.

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