Real FilipinoTalent

Late post tonight because I am watching my favorite show every Saturday.  It is my favorite because the show is to show Filipino talent.  An extraordinary talent that always makes me say WOW!  God has given us the ability and talent that we should use it.  As they say, if you have it flaunt it.  Well, I do have my favorite and I am praying for him to win.  Aside from he lives in the same city I live, he really got a talent that he can show it to the world.  God is so amazing to give us different talent.
Yes, I am a bit envious because I am a frustrated singer.  I do love to sing but music do that love me.sigh.  I know God has given me a talent that someday I will going to develop it and show to the world and say… hey I got a talent.wink!


  1. by anne, on March 12 2011 @ 5:27 pm


    pagsure joke hehehe

  2. by momgen, on March 13 2011 @ 1:46 am


    It looks pretty hehehe in here. The bottom part of the layout is really like that.

  3. by Janice, on March 13 2011 @ 3:54 am


    hi! I'm visiting you again because I'm giving you the One Lovely Blog award. I really like your blog.

    Do check out the award on my blog, Thanks!

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