One of the calamities that I do not want to experiece is earthquake.  Thinking about it scares me to death.  Once I had experienced  intensity 6.  It really scares me and haunt me in my sleep.  Nothing serious happens to me and to my family but the experienced is traumatic to me.  
Last night I saw in the news about earthquake in New Zealand.  It breaks my heart to see people dying, injured and in pain.  Many properties have been damaged and life taken.  It is easy to accept if only the properties are being destroyed because we can put it back.  But when life is taken the feeling is different.  I wish to help them but my situation is not capable of doing it.  I can only say a prayers to those victims and to the families who have lost their love ones.  I am  not happy that it is not happening to me, I am just saying people here in my country are blessed by God to spare us from those calamities.  God bless us all!!!

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  1. by Cielo, on March 5 2011 @ 7:19 pm


    Amen to that sis…
    Let us join hands in praying to Father God…
    Brown Pinay
    My Point of View

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