Pre-nuptial Video…

Have you heard of a pre-nuptial video?  Any idea in mind of what is it all about?

Well, I have heard of this pre-nuptial video just recently.  Confused of what is it all about and what is the importance of this video to the couple who are about to exchange their vows.  My confusion was answered today while watching a local show here in my country.  To me it is strange and just another expenses to couples.  I do not feel the need to do it if I am in the situation.   It is better to save and spend the money wisely. 

To do this really depends on the couple and depends on their budget.  For me, it will spoil the excitement on my wedding day, and if given the chance to get married I wont do this pre-nuptial video.  If you were single, are you willing to have pre-nuptial video?  And why would you do it?