A Blessing or A Burden?

In early life and even during the time of our grannies and parents, babies are blessings. A blessing to married couple for the love they felt for each other. Couples do pray to God to give them a child to complete the family because a child will add smiles and happiness to couples. No one can described the happiness a child can bring in the family. A priceless blessings that is gift from God.
But nowadays, married couple used conctaceptive to prevent the wife to get pregnant. It is so sad that some couple think that a child/baby is a burden. To have a baby is additional expenses to them. A blessings that comes from God is now a burden to some. Some do aboortion just to escape from the obligations and responsibilities when the baby is born. I wonder why they see it as a burden rather than a blessings.
Look at the picture above and see for yourself what is a baby/child means to you? A blessings? or A burden?
Have a blessed Sunday everyone!


  1. by gingerSnaps, on January 16 2011 @ 5:08 pm


    A blessing:)

  2. by nannykim, on January 17 2011 @ 8:30 pm


    My daughter is due to have her third this week (the 19th), but she usually goes 3-5 days late!

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