Leave Me Alone

The last thing that I do not like to happen to me is to get sick.  I hate it when I am sick because I cannot do my household chores and I do not like the look of it.  Yesterday I am not feeling because of the weather that changed so suddenly.  I am praying last night that I will get better when I wake up in the morning.  Happy to know that I am feel a little better though it is not totally feeling well.  Right now I feel worse,  I feel like having fever.  And I hate when I have fever because I do not want to take medicine.  I usually do water therapy.  I am used to water therapy but now I feel the need to take medicine.  I am still doing my water therapy and I pray that this feeling of having fever will leave me alone.  I am begging you fever to leave me alone. Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. by Scotty's Princess, on January 16 2011 @ 2:18 am


    You get well quick. Take lots of rest, rest, rest and drink plenty of fluids.

    BTW, I beg your pardon but you had me fooled on the title of this post. I thought you want us to leave you alone, LOL! But reading through the entire post, I can't help but wish you a speedy recovery.

    Have a blessed Sunday!


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