Banana Cue Everyone!?

The all time favorite Banana Cue is the most famous food that Filipino people wants to eat during snack time. This is what my family wants to share every afternoon when the kids are home from school and after we woke up from afternoon nap. This kind of foods makes me feel I am a Filipinno and proud to be one.
One afternoon I went to mall to buy something. When I am about to go home, I remember my family especially the kids. They always asked for a presents when I get back. I saw this Banana Cue stand, buy something for my family to share. I took a picture of it for you to have an idea what Banana Cue looks like and for you to know that as a Filipino I am proud to have this delicacies. Bona Petite!


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  1. by gingerSnaps, on January 14 2011 @ 4:15 pm


    Paborito ko yan Gen.

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