Freaking Hot Weather

First day of the year 2011 here in my province was a rainy day. It lasted for a week and the weather is so cold. My schedule to pay bills was cancelled because I do not like to go out of the house raining. It will make me feel sick when get back home. Rainy days are gone and her comes the hot weather. Here are some pictures I took while riding public vehicle on my way home.
Trying to capture the sun and this is what I got.
I saw a man crossing the street without umbrella and thought it is a nice picture to share also.
While the red light is on, I took a picture of the sun as it is reflecting on the truck.
So freaking hot that can cause us to have skin cancer they said. It is not good to expose our skin in the sun. Prevention is better than cure that is why I always bring umbrella with me. Each day it is getting hotter and sometimes can cause heat stroke. I think this is what we got from desroying mother Earth. It is a good relaization for us to know how our nature reacts to the destructions that we did. Its not too late, revive mother Earth let’s do something and make this world a better place to live.