Was I Wrong?

” I am so sorry but I am not satisfied with the liquidation report.  If possible, can you make it more detailed?  Does it have receipts?’
This is the statement/comment I have posted on the fanpage of our batch two weeks ago after our reunion.  I do not have any bad intention at all, I just want to make them clear the liquidation because it is not well posted.  With that comment I made my batch mate got angry of me and even called me ‘THE TROUBLE MAKER’.  I have asked them what was wrong with my comment that made others reacted saying I am creating an issue.  I am just practicing my rights as a member to asked for clarification.  I have told them it is right to make a liquidation report to let the members know where does the money goes. 
It does hurt my feelings because everybody things I am the bad one and telling me to say sorry for the issue I have created.  I did my apology already but still they keep on telling and posting not so good comments about me.  If only they are open-minded and understand really my comment they wont reacted that way.  I admit I have said bad words in response to their not so good comments it is because their comments are so provoking that even attacking me as a person.  I opted to stop sending messages because its going nowhere, but still they sending messages. 
I do not think there is nothing wrong with my comment.  Asking to make things unclear clear is not bad right?  Was I wrong in posting the comment I mentioned above?  Thanks for reading, I intended to post it here because I do not know what to do now.  I ignore them but other send me private message telling me I should tell sorry to everybody.  I do not want to because I did not do nothing wrong.  Yes, I have pride but I do not think I will have to say sorry to them.


  1. by Scotty's Princess, on January 9 2011 @ 2:48 am


    I understand how you feel. I know you mean well. Your batchmates must have felt you were questioning their integrity by jumping on to ask directly. I am not saying you asked the wrong question but sometimes there are ways to put it in a more prudent manner.

    Don't feel bad. You can still iron things out with them by having an open-line communication and them being transparent and open-minded on the issue.

    All the Best,

  2. by anne, on January 9 2011 @ 11:30 am


    They just don't understand simple English girl, that's all!

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