King of the Road…

We have heard so much accident on road.  Negligence of the driver, not giving a way to overtaking vehicle and not sensitive enough to drive slowly.  It is so sad to know that many innocent individuals suffer the act of some drivers.  No matter how careful we are, if we encountered those kinds of driver or king of road as they say, we are not that safe.

Just recently, another road accident hits my country.  It was not a good news to start this new year.  So sad that some lives are wasted because of the foolish acts by some drivers.  The supposed to be happy reunion of the family turns out to be the saddest day of their life.  Their lives was took away by car accident cause by the king of the road.  The bus driver is overtaking the slow moving vehicle ahead of him.  If the other driver knows the rule as a driver when there are overtaking vehicle this accident can be avoided.  Sad to say the driver of the  vehicle from the other lane challenged the driver from overtaking vehicle resulting to accident.  Many dies including the driver from the opposite lane.  Regrets happens after the damage is being done.  Asked for forgiveness but wont bring back the lives of the victims.  I just wish that this is a lesson learned to those drivers that think they are the king of the road.  Rest in peace to the victims and condolence to their families.

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