Rude Driver..

I have seen and heard rude driver on the rude many times already.  I felt badly for those who have encountered those kinds of drivers.  It is hard to understand why they get mad easily when in fact that is their job.  They are angry with their co-drivers because the passengers.  And sometimes they do not follow rules on road and sometimes violates it.

I never thought I will encounter those kind of driver today.  Me and my sister was crossing the street when all of a sudden a car came out in front of us.  We are surprised that we are not able to walk.  We are stocked in the middle and just looking at the car.  Seems like we are lost for a moment and only awake after the driver yelling at us.  Instead of saying sorry or just let us passed quietly he is yelling at us that made me pissed off.  I was not able to control myself for being angry, I yelled back and said ‘you idiot driver’.  I shut up after my sister told me, ‘let’s go’.  I do not know what he acted that why which in fact it is his fault.  He is not on the right lane.  Well, me and my sister decided to leave him.  I just hope that he wont be doing it again to others before he will regret anything.