Verdict : Not Guilty (Acquitted)

One of today’s headlines here in Philippines is :

“The verdict on Vizconde massacre case reads Hubert Webb and 5 others to be acquitted after 15 years in jail.”

After 15 years of being in jailed, the suspects of the Vizconde Massacre are acquitted.  The families of the acquitted suspects are very happy for the result.  On their side justice has prevailed and the truth comes up that their love ones are innocent.  They will have the merrier Christmas after 15 long years of being in jail.  They can now sleep in peace and smile because their love ones are now free.
Behind their happy faces there was Mr. Lauro Vizconde’s tears.  The justice he hope to give to his murdered family is vanished like bubble.  Seeing him crying in pain touched my heart.  No one knows the pain he has been through but himself.  The battle he fought is fallen into deaf ears.
Who is accountable for this massacre?  Is there another battle Mr. Vizconde should face?  The most sensational case here in the Philippines is now closed.  I wonder if justice is really being served for both parties.  The sudden twist of the decision changed the lives of both parties and shocking faces of  Filipino people.  Some feel the pain Mr. Vizconde felt and some are happy for them acquitted suspect.  The truth will come out on the time we are all judge by God.  Though justice here in the land is denied, justice in heaven will be served for we are all be judge evenly.