Raffle Ticket…

During this time of season, raffle draws are in different malls and grocery store.  It is a way of thanking and giving back the blessings they have received from their customer.  It is like giving gifts to their customer in a form of raffle ticket.  That is what I have seen as I was roaming around different malls here in my city.  People are busy buying things and presents this season for their family, friends and love ones.  And the malls will be giving a raffle tickets to their shoppers.  Hoping to win and lucky enough to grab any of the prizes.

Tempting prizes awaits to the winner that makes the customers crazy over it.  Many shoppers have been given tickets after shopping.  Watching them putting information on the raffle tickets with a face of positive hopefuls.  I never tried it myself because I do not have that luck I guess. Every time I get a raffle ticket I always put my father, sister and brothers name on it.  To me joining raffle draws are like hitting the moon up above.  I wondered, why others are so lucky enough to get prizes to those raffles they have attended?  Luck is on their side I think.  I just wish that one day luck will come and be on my side.  Good luck everyone!

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  1. by anne, on December 13 2010 @ 3:54 am


    wow unta gani makadaog sad ko

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