Grateful for your Help…

Blogging has been a part of my life for almost a year now. I did not expect I would come this far because I am not good in writing. I must say I am a trying hard writer. Writing and making poem has been my hobbies back when I was a student. Introduced by a friend to do this blogging thing.

In my one year of doing this blogging thing, I have gained friends from around the world. Friends that I have seen only those pictures they have posted. I was thinking to make a badge for my blog just like others have. A friend told me I have to pay someone to do it for me. I do not have budget for that right now and so I have to wait to get extra earning to have blog badge. God is really good because He gave to me a new found friend. A blogger like me named Jen of Jennyholic. She offered to do a badge for free. At first I can’t believe it because doing a badge is not easy and she is giving it for free. Last two days ago she sent to me the code for my blog badge. I am so happy and thankful to her for this favor. I am so grateful for your help Jen. I cannot pay you by cash or kind but I will pray for you and your success in this blogging field. I owe you one and I will never forget this wonderful thing you did for me. No words can express how grateful I am. I am enjoying my badge and I love it. Thanks Jen, God bless you more!


  1. by anne, on December 12 2010 @ 2:08 am


    You are lucky girl

  2. by Scotty's Princess, on December 12 2010 @ 11:15 am


    Hi Genny. My first time here. We all have our own reasons why we blog. Whatever it was that made your presence felt here in the blogosphere, you are warmly welcomed by yours truly 🙂

    One of the wonderful perks of blogging is that you'll get to meet lots of beautiful people who would eventually become your friends. I was also like you almost 4 years ago when I was just a neophyte in the blog forest. Real friends are hard to find especially in the virtual world. Some would come and go. There are those that would inspire you and would touch your life the way you may never imagine. Some would reach out to you to make you part of their lives may it be offline or online. Treasure those that are worth keeping.

    Enjoy blogging!



  3. by Self-Taught, on December 12 2010 @ 3:14 pm


    We are lucky, 'cause I proud myself to be part of your interesting blog, thank you so much, to keep in touch of your lovely readers, that's why when I replied on your blog I invite them to be part of English tips. My blog is turning 1 year next February, and I've been made many friends, in particular in Asia, Phillipines, Indonesia and Malaysia. See you around, and keep up doing a great job.

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