In life we do make a decision that will changed everything.  As much as we wanted to save both we cannot for we have to choose only one to save.  This is the reality of life that we sometimes uttered, is it fair?  Truly not all will be given to us because we have to choose and choose the one we think is better.

Our family is this kind of situation right now.  We have to choose between here and there.  So hard to make a decision that took us days of thinking what is the right thing to do.  After days of thinking about it, my father decided to give up our property in the province to save the house.  The house that we grow up, some got married and the house where the third generation of the family grows up.  It is a very tough decision for us to make because we are losing the valuable thing that my grandmother’s remembrance for my father.  The land that my father grows up.  Since we live far from my father’s province, we decided to sell the land and stay in our present house.  Family’s decision and we pray we are doing and making the right decision.  Though we might lost the property that my grandmother has left for my father, we win some because the house we presently residing will be ours forever. 


  1. by simply kim, on December 10 2010 @ 1:45 pm


    the fist consideration would be the most beneficial of all..

  2. by Jo, on December 10 2010 @ 7:08 pm




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