For the First Time…

I was mentioning in my other blog that sore eyes in infecting our family.  Starts to my nieces and slowly scattered to other members of the family.  I am so worried about whom will be the next because there are three of us who are not infected yet.  I have not experience this sore eyes thing before and I do not have any idea how painful it is.  I tried my best to clean my eyes from time to time so that it wont affect me.  They said that it is a bacterium that passes through that is why I always wash my hands and my face especially the eyes area.

This morning I wake up early because my eyes are so painful.  I was so angry because I got sore eyes.  No matter how tried not to be infected I am infected now.  For the first time in my life I got sore eyes.  Gosh, it is so painful and I wanted to cry.  I cannot sleep because I feel like my eyes are peeling off.  Now I know the feeling and I despise this pain.  I put medicine already but it says it will take two to three days before it completely heals.  I cannot do my online stuff because of this sore eyes.  I wish this will goes away soon so that I can do my daily routine. Bye for now, resting my eyes!

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