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To be able to go to other country to work is a privilege and a big opportunity for everyone.  To work abroad is a kind of opportunity that we cannot let it slipped away.   We must grab this opportunity for a better life and better future.

A friend of mine who was invited by her aunt to be one of her bride’s made.  An opportunity that she grabbed and never slipped it away.  Leave her job because she will find a job the moment she will be there.  It was 100% sure that she can attend the wedding of her aunt.  I can see the excitement on her face.  Though it is not good to count eggs before its laid, but she does think of a lot of things.  She will going to work there and give her family a better life. 

After a month of waiting, she receives the result of her application for tourists visa.  To her surprised it was denied.  Her dreams fall apart and she cried out loud.  Did not want to go out of the house because she feels ashamed and do not want to face everybody.  I feel so sorry for her, because she lost her job and lost the opportunity to work abroad.  As a friend, I talk to her and give her words of encouragements.  I can in her eyes that she is really sad and feels so sorry for herself.  Life must go on and we have to find the reason of it.  I am glad that she slowly accepts it and now I can see smile on her face. Her trial is not easy to handle because her family depends on her.  Difficult situations like this breaks her apart, good thing that her family supported her and never leave her.  She is never a quitter and will try again to apply three months from now, I pray that this time a door will be opened for her because she deserves it.

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  1. by Shinade, on November 27 2010 @ 6:35 pm


    That is so bad Genny and I am sad to hear this. I think with all of the terrorism going on around the world I would imagine getting a Visa to go abroad and work would be very difficult right now for anyone.

    I hope your friend feels better soon. There is no shame. It could happen to all of us!!

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